● V-Rico Caramel

Essential Multivitamin & Minerals For Kid.

Nutrition is very important for kid. Essential vitamin and mineral help for strong bones, healthy skin and developing muscle tissue.
V-Rico is right choice! V-Rico Caramel contains;
⊙ Vitamin A
⊙ Vitamin B1 & B2
⊙ Vitamin C
⊙ Vitamin D
⊙ Vitamin E
⊙ Calcium
⊙ Zinc



● Nutritional Soft Chew (기능성 카랴멜)

Soft Chew formulation of functional ingredient provide outstanding benefits than tablet or capsule.
(카라멜 형태의 건강기능식품은 일반적인 정제나 캡슐제보다 다음과 같은 장점이 있습니다)
High loading capacity : 40% of actives compared other 5% to 25%, Then, one soft chew can replace 2 or 3 large tablets or capsules (함량증대로 경제적, 효율적 섭취가능; 타제품의 5-25% 보다 높은 40%까지 함량증가 가능, 한 개의 캬라멜로 2-3개의 정제를 대체할 수 있다)
– Better taste (맛이 월등히 좋다)
– Easy swallow ( 섭취가 간편하다)
– Faster absorbability (흡수력이 좋다)
– Easy to carry (휴대가 간편하다)
– Variety of flavor : Choloate, Caramel, Berry, Citrus, Peanut Butter, Etc (다양한 맛으로 제조가 가능하다)

● Natur Research Foods, Inc.
Natur Baker’s Blend tastes and bakes just like sugar, yet has 40% fewer calories than sugar and is low glycemic. Natur Baker’s Blend measures just like sugar, teaspoon for teaspoon. It also bakes just like sugar, providing a brown crust and moist texture. Natur All Natural Sweetener is an all natural sweetener and its formulation is patent pending. Natur All Natural Sweetener has the GRAS designation which is considered safe for human food consumption as determined by the FDA